[ENG] OPEN Rotterdam frontrunner in mobile reports and smartphone video creation

In 2016 OPEN Rotterdam explored and expanded upon the use of Mobile Journalism. This means that our journalists have been equipped with mobile sets, containing a smartphone along with side-peripherals and apps that allow video production and editing.

The use of Mojo’s allows OPEN Rotterdam to report about actualities and events faster and more flexibly. Since early 2016 we have produced more than 150 mojo-reports. The reporters of OPEN Rotterdam create at least 1 Mojo item per day and the technique is also used for our specials. Examples of these are ‘Stem Uit de Wijk’ in which we explored and reported from within different neighborhoods of Rotterdam as we neared the Dutch elections. Other events are ‘de Dakendagen’, ‘Rotterdam Chinese New Year’, ‘NN Kids Runs Rotterdam’ and ‘de Bruggenloop’. With this portfolio of specials, OPEN Rotterdam has become a frontrunner in the use of mobile journalists (Mojo’s). There even appears to be trend going on, as other media are also slowly adapting to the use of the mojo workflow.

Next to the daily Mojo reports, we are also on the brink of launching project ‘MoRe Rotterdam’ in which we educate citizen journalists to become mobile reporters. The very firsts with the opportunity to enter this track will be the citizens of Prins Alexander, allowing them to create unique video stories about their own surroundings.
Due to the fact that social media channels are growing base within media consumption, the use (and training) of mobile journalists has become extremely important. For instance, Snapchat cannot be used without a mobile phone, at the same time livestreaming through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram all require a new and increasingly mobile workflow. This means that the utilization of a single device, in this case the smartphone for both TV and Social Media, is key in the process of quick filming, editing and publishing in this new digital era.

Next to the quick and easy way of producing, the relatively low cost in comparison to traditional camera equipment is a considerable advantage. On top of that, we also notice that interviewees are less intimidated by the appearance of our new way of recording. They, by nature, appear much more acquainted being filmed with the smartphone. We can see evidence of that in our reports.
OPEN Rotterdam is not just a frontrunner in the use of mobile phones within the production process; it is also the first public local broadcasting agency who by means of the UBIDEO technique, successfully reported and switched live on multiple mobile phones. This makes it possible to report from multiple spots at once, allowing us to provide complete and coherent coverage of the events. This technique was used during ‘de Bruggenloop 2016’, ‘the Rotterdam Chinese New Year’ and the ‘Kids Runs’ of the Rotterdam marathon, allowing us to share the entire events with our locals in Rotterdam.

Watch our video about mobile journalism at OPEN Rotterdam

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